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To Our Valued Community,

As we find ourselves adopting the new habit of social distancing to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, we must also re-examine other aspects of our lives. While you are at Gem Set Love, we want to ensure that you can continue to experience our store in the safe, welcoming, intimate environment that has been a staple in the community for 25 years. In order to accomplish that, we have decided to change the way our store operates for the foreseeable future.

The Gem Set Love store on 23rd Ave is
now available by virtual appointment only. We are confident that in doing so, our loyal customer base will feel as safe as possible while still receiving the same 1-on-1 personal attention that our team prides themselves on.

Due to this shift, our team is working diligently to post as many of our in-store jewelry pieces online to provide you with as close to the in-store experience as possible. Click here for our new arrivals

Looking for a sneak peak of our latest merchandise? Stay on top of our instagram account to be the first to know when new items come into the shop before they are added to our website. You can even purchase through DM on Instagram to ensure you won’t miss out on a piece you love. We have always taken sanitization as a very important aspect of our job. Now, this is more important than ever. Your jewels will ship to you freshly cleaned and in sterile, beautiful packaging. Shipping remains free, and we even allow for returns if you don’t love it. 

One of the favorite aspects of being part of the Portland community are the stimulating conversations and unique experiences we share with our customers when finding that perfect piece to add to your collection. We are committed to not letting this virus stop that joy! We are now available through text, email, and phone to chat, whether you have a question about a specific item, or need general advice about what to get your special loved one.

  • Call: 503.226.0629
  • Text: 503.468.6421
  • Email:
  • Chat through our website chatbox
Our team and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support of our store and continuing to shop local. I was told that starting and running a small, female owned business would come with many challenges, but surviving through a global pandemic was not one of the challenges I expected to need to overcome. Through your support, our metalsmith's will continue to be at their benches, sizing, restoring, creating custom pieces, and performing all the other magical things they do! Our amazing sales staff will continue to thrive, providing their unmatched customer service. It is my promise to you that when any member of our team feels ill, they are required to stay home to ensure the safety of everyone. I provide top of the line healthcare, paid PTO, and paid sick leave for all of my employees to ensure you will always be greeted with a happy, healthy, smiling face when you arrive.

Gem Set Love


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