Petrified Dinosaur Bone Specimen Collection Ring

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Petrified dinosaur bone. This this truly unique specimen has been in the shop's gem hoard for over two decades. When I began choosing gems for this special collection I knew this one had to be included. The petrified bone is deep red in color, with a fascinating cellular texture visible within its depths. This glossy cabochon is set in a simple 14k yellow gold bezel above split shoulders and a double band. An elegantly designed gallery makes this ring a pleasure to behold from every angle.

The Specimen Collection pulls from the most unusual stones in our collection. They are simply set so the special gem can be the focus. Each ring is hand crafted in recycled gold to the specifications of its unique specimen.

Details.....Currently a size 6.5. The ring may be sized up or down two sizes free of charge. Please contact us if you need this ring sized more than two sizes, it may be possible and will have a small fee. The top of the ring measures 21.9mm by 15.8mm, the band measures 3.6mm and the dinosaur bone sits 9.5mm from the finger.

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