An Ancient Intaglio Ring The Emperor

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This impressive ring is set with a dome topped banded agate with an intaglio of an Emperor wearing Laurel Wreath upon his head. Deeply carved in really lovely agate  which is banded with white and set in a hand made 14k yellow gold setting made especially for this gem.

Agates were popular choices for carving into beads, seals and intaglios in the Roman Empire as they are hard and hold their shape well. This amazing piece of history is ready to become your family heirloom.

I was fortunate to acquire a rare collection of Ancient Roman Empire intaglios from an estate and have designed and created a small limited collection of rings and fob pendants using them as the focal point. The fob pendants are held in bezels of recycled 18k yellow gold and suspended from rings so that they will slide onto the chain or charm hook of your choosing. The ring designs are influenced by the ancient ring settings these intaglios would have originally been in, and are crafted in recycled 14k yellow gold. Each piece from this collection is hand crafted from start to finish in our in house studio by one of our talented gold smiths.

This is a limited collection, each intaglio unique. They do have some wear to their surfaces as they are all over 1500 years old. Truly Ancient.

Details.....The Ring is currently a size 6.5 and can be sized up or down 2 sizes for no charge, if you would like to know if it can be sized beyond this for a small fee please contact us. The top measures 19.6mm x 14.9mm and the band measures 3mm.

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