Antique Red Branch & Bead Necklace by brunet

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Dark red antique coral branch and bead necklace with rich gold details. The marriage of refined round beads with a piece of spiky branch coral creates a delightful contrast of textures. The branch descends from an oval of hand wrought 14k gold and an arc of round Victorian coral beads. Recycled 14k yellow gold rope chain supports the dramatic drop. This unique necklace was handcrafted exclusively for GSL by brunet.

The brunet jewelry line is handcrafted using unique and often vintage and recycled pieces. As each piece is MADE TO ORDER it may vary slightly from the picture. Please allow up to two weeks from the time we receive your order for shipping.

We only use and sell antique coral. By using only antique coral, we can celebrate its beauty while honoring and protecting our planet. 

Details.....The necklace is 17" long. The drop measures 1.45" long and the branch coral measures 1" by 0.71".

Item #PC1918