A Study in Curb Chains Bracelet by AI

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A study in curb chains and color. This bracelet shows that sturdy and pretty do exist together, a classic English sterling curb chain is paired with a longer looser twisted gold filled chain from the 1920's, finished with a swivel hook for the clasp. Wear it as it is or add your favorite bits & bobs to the hook clasp. The ingredients in this bracelet date from 1900-20.

From the Married Chains Collection by Ancient Influences. All of the ingredients in this bracelet are recycled and vintage. I love using vintage findings, and am thrilled by the discovery of just the right split ring or hook for a piece.

Details.....The bracelet can be adjusted from 6" to 8" in length and the links are 7.4mm and 6.9mm wide.

Each item from this line of jewelry is unique and incorporates re-purposed vintage and antique pieces. Small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of their charm.

Item #A1725