Blonde Hair in Jet Frame Mourning Brooch

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This Victorian brooch features a plait of silvery blonde hair in a beautifully carved jet frame. The plait is preserved under glass, and that glass is secured by a gold bezel set within the glossy jet frame. The brooch is secured with a classic Victorian C-clasp. Circa 1860.

Jet was made popular in the mid Victorian period. Queen Victoria was in mourning for her husband for decades; as a result mourning attire became fashionable in society. The naturally black color of jet made it a logical material for use in the mourning jewelry worn at that time. Jet (petrified lignite coal) was mined in Whitby England and the majority of jet jewelry from the 19th Century was made in England.

Details.....The brooch measures 1.98" by 1.68". In Very Good Antique Condition. The jet is chipped on the back of the piece. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique pieces, we consider it part of the charm.

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