Georgian French Chrysoberyl & 18k Gold Ear Bobs

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Georgian French ear bobs, these charming petite earrings are a dainty delight. Pale green chrysoberyl, one of the most popular of 18th-century gemstones, is displayed in ornate 18k gold settings. Exquisite cannetille gold work forms a swirling nimbus of delicate wire and beadwork around each gemstone. Split prongs hold the closed-backed, foiled gems. These earrings are back loaders, which means the wire goes through the back of the ear and fastens in the front. These little charmers are a rare find, pre-French revolutionary jewels that remain wearable today. Circa 1780.

These earrings are as fragile as they are lovely and should be worn with care. Please note that you Do Not want to get foiled closed-back gems wet, as it will darken the stones.

Details.....The earrings measure .65" long and .42" wide. In Very Good Antique Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it a part of their charm.

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