The Double Protection Necklace

Ancient Influences

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This one started with this fab double grooved ring slide with chains attached to it. I decided it wanted to slide freely along the length of a longer chain and needed 2 hooks. The idea of 2 watch swivel hooks instead of one made it twice as fun. One of the many tiny things I hoard are old little novelty folding knives, I love that they open to reveal an actual miniature pocket knife. The one I chose for this necklace has mother of pearl and brass on the outside and a tiny stainless steel blade, it seemed only natural to add an ebony wood and gold figa to the other hook. This is the protection necklace, I love creating symbolic and meaningful adornment from seemingly unrelated pieces. Gold filled, brass ebony wood and gold, these ingredients date from 1880 to 1920.

Details..... 22" long, the double 1.38" hook drop is 1.5" not including the charms. The figa is 1.31" long, the little knife is 1.68" long. The chain is gold-filled, the various other bits and pieces are gold and gold filled.

Each item from this line of Jewelry is unique and incorporates re-purposed Vintage and Antique pieces, small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of their charm.