Victorian Silver Scottish Granite Brooch

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Every once in awhile I get something in the shop that embodies a category of jewels for me.

A classically Victorian Silver frame holds a 3-dimensional geometric design of Aberdeen Granite, alternating in grey and pink. The granite is backed with Scottish Slate and there is a typically long pin and c-clasp. There is plenty of room at the back for this to gather up plaid or fasten to a wool shawl.

This brooch evokes for me the image of Victoria and her love of Scottish Jewelry. Once the ladies of England see their lovely young Queen wearing her Scottish jewels, pebble jewelry becomes all the rage. Victoria so loved Scotland and all things Scottish she frequently dressed her children in traditional tartans. And at the state ball for the opening of The Great Exhibition in 1851, she required all of her guests to wear "Stuart Costume".

Measurements: 2.25" x 1.85"

Materials: Scottish Granite, Slate, and Sterling Silver

Era: circa 1860

Condition: Reasonable for its age, with some wear to the silver frame. The granite is in excellent condition.

Layaway available, contact us for details.