Exquisite Cannetille Locket in 22k Gold

Gem Set Love

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The exquisitely coiled 22k gold wirework used on this locket is in a style known as cannetille. The wire work is amazingly detailed, what appears at first glance to be a simple flower is upon closer inspection tiny wires curled, piled, and twisted to form a complex flower with a tiny gold ball at the center. The edge of this locket is quite special as well, created to resemble a length of chain, tiny wires have been twisted and braided to form the "links". The locket has a generous compartment that could hold a photo, a lock of hair, a love poem, or all 3 behind the glass pane. c1820-40.

Details.....The Locket measures 1.12" by 0.95". It hangs on an 18" modern 14k gold chain, it would have originally been worn on a ribbon, as was the fashion of the time. Very good Vintage condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique pieces, we consider it part of the charm.

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