19th c French Fichu Pin Hand Painted Miniature set in Silver

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This delightful little treasure is what is and was referred to as a lace pin, also called a Fichu pin. These small brooches had the specific task of pinning closed the lace Fichu (a type of neck scarf).

Usually quite decorative since they were so prominently displayed, these pins are always small, this one measures 33mm long and 24.5mm wide, and always have plenty of room at the back for the fabric gathering. This sweet piece is in original condition, a portrait miniature on ivory is set in a hand crafted and engraved 800 silver frame, which has a floral and scroll design set with 7 teeny natural pearls.

The c clasp of the pin has French Hallmarks for 800 silver, the boars head, and a lozenge shaped mark containing the makers mark. This pin dates to 1838 to 1850.

It is rare to get a lovely lace pin in its original condition, this is a treasure.