Delicate Carved Zuni Fetish Necklace

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A delicately beautiful Zuni fetish necklace with a Corn Maiden pendant. Raven-like bird fetishes have been carved from black and white agate, and the Corn Maiden figure is carved from bone. These wonderful little figures are strung with jet and turquoise heishi beads and bits of red branch coral. The necklace is finished with sterling silver cones and a hook and eye clasp. This piece feels special and has very personal energy around it. Circa 1970.

Zuni fetishes depict animals such as the wolf, badger, bear, mountain lion, eagle, mole, frog, deer, ram, and others. In the cosmology of the Zuni and neighboring tribes, each animal is believed to have inherent powers or qualities that may aid the owner.

The Zuni raven fetish is a symbol of courage and psychic abilities. A raven fetish is the magical messenger of a great mystery, a change in consciousness.

Details.....The necklace is 24" long. The Corn Maiden carving measures 28.9mm by 9.5mm. In Very Good Vintage Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it part of the charm.

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