French Locket with Rose Cut Diamond Butterfly Joan of Arc

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This incredible 19th century French locket is embellished on the front with a rose cut Diamond Butterfly and a flowering branch also in rose cut diamonds. When you open the locket you are greeted by a picture behind glass of a smiling Frenchman in Uniform, although he is pleasant it is what is on the facing side that makes this locket special. A beautifully Hand engraved image of Joan of Arc in her armor holding the symbols that represent her, the crowned sword in one hand and her banner in the other. Engraved in a ribbon under the crown in which she stands are the words La Pucelle Les Lys, in December of 1429 Charles VII granted Joan and her family a noble coat of arms and a new family name, Du Lys. The imagery inside this locket depicts elements of the coat of arms granted her and her family as well as the new noble name. The butterfly is also a nod to Joan as it is said that White Butterflies followed her wherever she rode with her unfurled banner. This incredible work of art is hallmarked on the bale with the French Eagle for 18k gold fineness.

Details.....The locket measures 2.10" long including the bale and 1.22" wide with a depth of .38". In excellent antique condition, you should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it to be a part of their charm.

Item #KV2007