Glorious Etruscan Revival Coral and 18k Yellow Gold Brooch

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Everything to do with Archeology and Ancient cultures was popular during the mid-Victorian Era. This period in Jewelry is generally referred to as Archeological Revival, there are several sub-genres. This piece is from the craze for jewelry resembling the pieces Archeologists were finding in Etruscan tombs and is commonly referred to as Etruscan Revival. Etruscan Revival Jewelry was very popular and the most well know Craftsmen in this style were in Italy. It was a style primarily made popular by Castellani. The use of Coral and 18k gold in this piece makes it all the more special. The design of the Roman style urns and the overall classical styling of this brooch make it a great piece to add to your collection and to wear. 

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold, Natural Coral.

Era: circa 1860's

Measurements: The top Bar of the brooch, 2" long and .63" wide. The central urn is 1.65" long and the side urns measure 1.10" long. The larger coral buttons measure 9.5mm.

Condition: Very Good for it's age.


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