Glossy Graduated Jet Bead Necklace

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A long strand of antique graduated jet beads. The glossy jet beads are faceted to create a subtle dark glitter. The beads are hand knotted on black silk and finished with a hidden drilled and threaded jet clasp. Circa 1900.

Jet (petrified lignite coal) is mined predominately in Whitby England. Jet has been used in jewelry since ancient times, and it saw a massive surge in popularity during the mid Victorian period. Queen Victoria was in mourning for her husband for decades, and mourning required the wearing of black clothing and jewelry. The Queen was the primary arbiter of fashion, therefore mourning attire became fashionable at Court and in society in general. Jet, a material naturally black in color, was in high demand as were other black materials such as onyx, bog oak, black glass, vulcanite, etc. The majority of 19th century jet jewelry was made in England.

Details.....Necklace is 29" long. The largest bead measures 19.2mm, the smallest bead is 6mm. In Very Good Antique Condition. You should always expect some wear on your antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of their charm.

Item number n6862.