Matched 18k Wide Wedding Bands Oct 31 1886

Gem Set Love

A Halloween wedding, these bands are so fabulous! I rarely find a matched pair of antique wedding bands, I feel like I hit the jackpot with these. Engraved with the wedding date Oct. 31. '86 each one has a endearment in flowing script engraved inside its wide band as well. The smaller band is a size 8 & engraved HW to my dear wife Oct. 31. '86. The larger band is a size 9 & engraved AP to my dear husband Oct. 31. '86. They are heavy 18k yellow gold, that wonderful shade you only get in truly old high carat gold. Sold as a set.

Details.....These rings are currently a size 8 and a size 9. If you love them and you want them sized please drop me a note so we can discuss the possibilities. The bands measure 8.2mm wide. They are in very good condition, showing some wear as all antique jewelry should.

Layaway available,

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