Memorial Brooch set with foil backed Amethysts

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From our sweet and wonderful collection of Victorian Mourning jewelry comes this little lace pin. Meant to be worn at the throat on a piece of lace, a lace pin or as they are also known, a fichu, is a small brooch with plenty of space behind it for the gathering of fabric.

This sweet fichu is also a mourning piece. In the Victorian era there were rules about mourning the death of a loved one. Amethysts were allowed after 6 months as an alternate to the unrelieved black of early mourning. This lovely little brooch is set with a piece of cream colored fabric which is covered with crystal, likely in remembrance for a lost baby. They would use a piece of fabric from the burial dress and mount it in a brooch. So very tender and sweet and a reminder for the mother of her loss. 

Materials: Low grade gold, fabric, Foiled back Amethysts.

Era: Mid 1800's

Measurements: 1.06" x .58".

Condition: Good wearable condition.