Wonderful Watch Key with Three-Sided Spinner Seal

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This wonderful antique watch key dates to the first days of Queen Victoria's long reign. The gold filled key is lovely, covered entirely in delicate engraving. The key incorporates a three-sided seal that is set with bloodstone, agate, and garnet-colored foiled rock crystal. The seal spins in its frame and is perfect for fidgeting with. The key is attached to a short length of chain ending in a watch hook, making it easy to hang this delightful piece from anything you like. Circa 1830.

Before watches were wound by twisting the stem, a key (like this one) was fitted to a gear at the back of the watch to wind the piece. Since it was necessary to carry the key with the watch, these keys often took fanciful forms and were used as decorative fobs worn on watch chains alongside the watches. Now we wear the lovely old watch keys as pendants. 

Details.....The fob measures 2.34" long by 0.67" wide. The chain is 2" long.

Each item from this line of jewelry is unique and incorporates re-purposed vintage and antique pieces. Small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of the charm.

Item #A1651