Wonderful Early 1800s Memorial Ring Hair Locket and Pearls

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Pearls are tears.

Mortality was a very real part of daily life in the early 1800's. People died young and those left behind often memorialized the loss with a piece of jewelery for remembrance, usually incorporating a lock of the loved ones hair.

In memorial jewelry pearls represent the tears of those left behind.

This beautiful sentimental memorial ring has a woven plaque of hair under a natural crystal locket, the hair is brown with a few gray strands. The hair locket is surrounded by natural 1/2 pearls which also decorate the shoulders in a 3,2,1 design. The sides of the ring have a feather pattern, a nod to angels wings?, coming up from the back of the shank. I love that the hand construction is evident when this piece is closely examined, it's why I love early pieces so much, the hand of gold smith shows. 

Size: 7.5 sizable down 1.5 sizes for no charge.

Materials: Natural 1/2 pearls, 9k yellow gold, woven hair under a crystal plaque.

Date: Early 1800's

Condition: Very Good with light wear in keeping with its age, and a small scratch inside the shank.

Measurements: 8.9mm at top, 7mm at shoulders, 2.3mm at back of shank.