Wee Garter Scottish Pebble Brooch with Bloodstone

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Scottish pebble jewelry is one of our favorite categories of Victorian jewels. This wee Scottish pebble brooch bears great symbolism. It is in the shape of a garter, the symbol of the Order of the Garter, the oldest and highest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom. A small, three-dimensional ring of silver is inlaid with glossy bloodstone. The garter and its buckle are sculpted in silver and engraved at the brooch's base. The brooch is backed with the long pin and c-clasp common to the era. As found, there is a small amount of damage to the silver next to the top piece of inlay. The piece remains beautiful and wearable. This is a very popular motif for Scottish pebble jewelry, lovely and traditional. Circa 1840.

This brooch evokes for me the image of Queen Victoria and her love of Scottish jewelry. Once the ladies of England see their lovely young Queen wearing her Scottish jewels, Scottish pebble jewelry becomes all the rage.

Details.....The brooch measures 0.91" by 0.81". In Good Antique Condition, as found with small damage to the silver next to the top piece of inlay. You should always expect some wear on antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of their charm.

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