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Love and Luck
Sentiment and Superstition were important parts of life in the 19th century.
With constant reminders of the fragility of life, the Victorians embraced love and entreated luck. These two themes can be seen in the jewels of the era.
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Mourning in the 18th Century

A Tale of Two Rings These 2 rings have long intrigued me. Both from the 1700's, both commemorating love and loss, yet they are very... Read More

A bit of the History and properties of Birth Stones

Birthstones by Month and Sign.  One of the things I enjoy collecting are books related to the magical properties and myths of Gems and Jewels.... Read More

A Research Journey with Kate

The Process of Discovery. A beauty from the past, this bracelet was a treat to research. I would love to walk you through how I... Read More