Superlative Gold and Faience Egyptian Amulet Ring

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This lovely example of antique Egyptian faience features Horus as a God on one side and with his wings open on the other, as well as the swirl patterns seen on New Kingdom Scarabs and Amulets. The setting dates from the c1800s and is made in the traditional Egyptian swivel hoop style with the added wonder of the bezel holding the amulet, itself the shape of a cartouche. The gold tests from 15k to 22k.

Faience has been made for thousands of years, using quartz, sand crystals, and other minerals ground together, crafted into its chosen form, and then heated to harden it. Often glazed, this one is a rich greenish-blue like a fine turquoise.

Details.....The scarab measures .84" x .48", including the frame, and the band measures 2.4mm. I will not size this ring. As a collector's item, this jewel should be treated with care. In Excellent Antique condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels; we consider it part of the charm.

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