Gold Reimagined

A Collection of English and European Vintage & Recycled Chains, Fobs, and Lockets.

While many holiday traditions may look different this year we can still make them special. ❤️

As you're shopping for loved ones this season, consider a timeless, meaningful gift -- a vintage treasure, reimagined -- will be cherished forever.

Start by browsing our collection of English and European vintage and recycled chains, fobs, and lockets for inspiration. Select a versatile chain from the gold re-imagined collection (created by me), then add a vintage locket with a picture of a loved one, a fob, or a beautiful charm. Our in-house Jewelers are specifically trained in the art of hand engraving and *can add a message to make your gift even more perfect.

For years to come, you can add to the collection on special gifting occasions and create a new tradition. Treasures from the past become Tomorrow's Heirlooms.