Rakish Enameled Silver Sword Jabot Pin

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Sword-shaped jabot pins were all the rage in the 1800s. Alas, the jabot has not been fashionable since the 1980s; we have two options: bring back the jabot or wear this swashbuckling jabot pin on a scarf or other open-weave fabric. My research suggests this is a miniature Épée Bâtarde, or "bastard sword," named such because, in its full size, it is an irregular style designed to be gripped by one or both hands. The sterling silver sword has a sharp, narrow blade that may be thrust through fabric with an engraved scabbard to secure it. A small pearl is set in its blue and white-enameled hilt. A rakish accessory for an intrepid privateer or a New Romantic. Circa 1850.

Details.....The sword measures 2.53" by .88". In Good Antique Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels; we consider it part of the charm.

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