August Birthstone Jewelry - Peridot & Sardonyx

August has two birthstones associated with it; the peridot and sardonyx.


The origin of peridot’s name is unclear. This August birthstone is derived from the mineral olivine, formed deep inside the Earth’s mantle and surfaced by volcanoes. Though rare, it is also found inside meteorites.


Peridot is among the oldest known gemstones, dating back to Ancient Egyptian culture. Often confused with emeralds, it is speculated that Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection may have actually been comprised of peridot. Ancient Roman and Greek cultures used peridot for their pendants, rings, and other items.


Peridot is one of a few gemstones that only comes in one color -- olive green that can vary slightly in shade depending on how much iron is present.


In Hawaiian culture, the gem is believed to be the tears of Pele, and is thought to have powerful healing properties and the ability to bring growth and wealth.

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The Marché Carnelian Pendant Drop Earrings by Brunet
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Derived from a combination of words meaning “reddish brown” and “veined gem,” sardonyx is a combination of of sard and onyx which creates a reddish, striped gemstone with white bands. It is the most ancient of the August birthstones.


It is believed that sardonyx was referred to in the Old Testament, as one of the stones in the High Priest’s breastplate. Ancient Greeks and Romans, believing that sardonyx could grant courage and victory on the battlefield, wore sardonyx gemstone talismans carved with images of gods into battle.


Depending on how much iron oxide is present, sardonyx can range from yellowish red to reddish brown.


Sardonyx is associated with happiness, clear communication, and courage.


Throughout history the spinel has been mistaken for other gemstones because it often resembles a sapphire or ruby. The name spinel is derived from a Latin word meaning thorn, which refers to the shape of its crystals. The August birthstone is also given as a 22nd wedding anniversary gift.


Some of history’s most famous gemstones have turned out to be spinel, including the approximately 170 carat “Black Prince’s Ruby” in the Crown Jewels of England.


Bright red is the most desirable color of spinel gemstones, which come in a range of other colors including pink, violet, purple, yellow, orange, blue and brown.


Like other red gems, red spinel was believed to be a remedy for inflammatory diseases and blood loss, as well as to promote harmony and ease anger.

These dramatic earrings bring luxurious antique detail to fresh artisanal design, with gorgeous results. The gold tops of these fabulous earring are cast from original vintage pieces in our collection. We have recreated them in a limited edition, using locally refined, recycled 14k yellow, white and rose gold. Carley selects the beautiful natural gems for each pair of earrings and finishes them by hand.

This pair of lovely Mughal earrings features faceted Black Spinel drops on 14k yellow gold tops. Each pair is made to order, they may vary slightly from the photo. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for these to be made especially for you.

If you would like more details please contact us.

All of our pieces arrive in a box suitable for gifting

Details.....The earring measures 2.25" long, the cast top measures 1" by 0.55", the spinel drop measures 1.15" long by 0.35" wide.

Layaway available, contact us for details.


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A beautiful green square step cut peridot is set amid a deco inspired diamond surround. The edges are all hand detailed with mill grain and the platinum top sits on an 18k yellow gold base. The dual metals make this ring versatile, it goes with everything. Hand made in London.

Details.....Currently a size 7 this ring can be sized to fit you at no extra charge. The ring measures 10.21mm x 10.35mm at the top and the band measures 2mm. The peridot is .70 ct and the total carat weight of the diamonds is .22. New Condition made from recycled materials.

Layaway available, contact us for details.


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Spring green Heart shaped Peridot gems are held in these 14k yellow gold stud earrings. The earrings are made of recycled gold.

Details.....The earrings measure 7.1mm x 6.9mm.

Layaway available, contact us for details.

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An Edwardian peridot and seed pearl pendant with lovely lines that are the hallmark of late Art Nouveau style. The pearls and peridot gems are set in 14k gold. The foliate design of the pendant pairs perfectly with the pale green and pearl tones, this necklace feels like earliest spring. Circa 1910.

Details.....Pendant measures 0.73" by 1.5", the chain measures 16" long. In Excellent Vintage Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique pieces, we consider it part of the charm.

Layaway available, contact us for details.

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