June Birthstone Jewelry - Pearl, Alexandrite, & Moonstone

June is one of two months that has three birthstones associated with it; pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.



Produced by mollusks, pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures. The rarest pearls are naturally made in the wild without human interference.


Pearls range in color, with the finest gems having a naturally reflective appearance and iridescent shimmer. “Black pearls” -- which are often farmed as they are extremely rare in nature -- are misleading as they are not actually black, but instead shades of purple, green, silver or blue.


Ancient Grecians believed pearls were tears of the gods. The oldest known pearl jewelry was discovered in a sarcophagus that dates back to 520 BC.

Other ancient cultures believed that pearls had beneficial properties, such as bestowing long life and prosperity, or easing health issues with indigestion, eyesight or depression.

Latest Arrivals - June Birthstone Pearl Jewelry

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Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s. The gem caught Russia’s attention when discovered during the 19th century because its red and green colors matched the national military colors. A relatively modern discovery, alexandrite today mostly comes from Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil.


Alexandrite is often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night” because of its rare, color-changing nature.


Alexandrite is also associated with the 55th wedding anniversary. The gemstone is thought to bring love, luck, and good fortune.



Many cultures associate moonstone with moonlight, likely because of the way the gem is structured which scatters light that strikes it, creating an effect similar to the full moon shining through the clouds. Hindu legend suggested that if you held a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you could see your future. Other cultures believed moonstone promoted fertility and good fortune.


Typically colorless, moonstone can also occur in a range of colors including gray, brown, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, and white.


Associated with the moon, moonstone was believed to possess moon-like qualities including legends of love, femininity, intuition, emotion, and dreams.

Latest Arrivals - June Birthstone Moonstone Jewelry

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Vintage White Gold Carved Moonstone Ring - Gem Set Love

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Four subtly baroque pearls set in 18k white gold form this cool Mid Century cocktail ring. The pearls are a very pale silver-gray. This ring is fun and sophisticated, a great example of swinging 1960's design!

Details.....Currently a size 6, can be sized at no additional charge. The tops of the ring measures 19.8mm by 18.1mm, the shank measures 2mm wide at the back. Very good vintage condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it part of the charm.


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This latest design by Carley is as pretty as it is easy to wear. The Pieces are Vintage and thoughtfully combined. This Necklace features Vintage Pearls.

As each Necklace is made to order they may vary slightly from the picture. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for these to be made especially for you.

If you would like more details please contact us.

All of our pieces arrive in a box suitable for gifting.

Materials: 14k White gold Chain, 18k Yellow gold vintage O, Vintage Pearls.

Measurements: 18" long not including the drop. 3/4" Drop from the chain.

Layaway available, 

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This latest design by Carley is as pretty as it is easy to wear. The Pieces are Vintage and thoughtfully combined. This pair features a Vintage Pearl Dangle.

As each pair is made to order they may vary slightly from the picture. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for these to be made especially for you.

If you would like more details please contact us.

All of our pieces arrive in a box suitable for gifting

Materials: 14k Yellow gold ear wires, 18k Yellow gold vintage O, Vintage Pearls.

Layaway available, 

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Perfect and classic this double sided crystal locket is 14k white gold and has a channel of lustrous white pearls surrounding it. I love crystal lockets they are perfect for holding lots of memories, a love note, a lock of hair, as well as pictures. This beauty is in pristine condition and dates from the 1950's.

Details.....The locket measures 20.4mm across and hangs from a 19" 14k white gold chain.

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