Antique 14k Yellow Gold Pendant Fob dated 1903

Gem Set Love

From the antique fob collection of Ancient Influences. Perfect for hanging from a watch hook necklace.

This Regal 14k Fob has 2 colors of gold to better show off the design. the central iron cross and the crown at the top are a rose gold and the wreath surround is a green gold. The front is engraved with a swirling group of initials, more decorative than informative. The back is engraved with the following sentiment "Fannie C. Mc Cormack St. Peters Church Liberty Sep 2nd, 1903" The fob measures 1.25" x 1.75" and weighs 4.2 grams.

Each item from this line of Jewelry is unique and incorporates repurposed Vintage and Antique pieces, small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of their charm.

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Category: Edwardian, sold

Type: Fob