Ancient Lapis and Vintage Silver Necklace by Ancient Influences

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Beautiful Blue Lapis Lazuli a favorite of the Romans and Egyptians. Lapis was so revered, it is often found among the burial goods with Egyptian mummies.

This necklace is made of tiny hand made silver beads I bought 20 years ago, a group of 3 Ancient Lapis mummy beads from Egypt, and as the center piece a beautiful hand carved curved Ancient Lapis Bead. The beads are all from my personal collection. All hand knotted on blue silk with a silver hook clasp from the 1980's.

As with all of the pieces from the Ancient Influences Collection there are a limited quantity of these materials and no 2 are ever exactly alike.

Measurements: 20.5" long. Center Lapis 23.4mm x 7.4mm, small Lapis beads 4.1mm to 2.9mm.

All of the items in this collection are made using vintage bits & pieces and small imperfections are to be considered part of their charm.