Antique Carved Lava Earrings with Cherubs

Gem Set Love

The highly detailed hand carved lava in these earrings is a pair of winged cherubic creatures playing lyres. The cherubs look over one shoulder, seemingly at each other, while perched on a rock. The carving is rendered in such detail they rise above their background. The frames are wire work and 20k yellow gold, the ear wires were replaced in the 20th c, but are true to the original era and very well done in matching high carat gold. These earrings date from circa 1860, during the time of grand tours when archaeology was all the rage and lava from Pompeii and other ancient volcanic sites were must haves in your jewelry wardrobe.

Details.....The earrings have a 1.48" drop from the ear and the framed lava measures 1.08" x .91", with a depth of .53". They are in very good condition. You should always expect some wear on your antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of the charm.

Layaway available, contact us for details.