Antique Faience Scarab Stick Pin in Gold

Gem Set Love

Egyptian Revival. There was a fascination with archaeological digs in the mid to late 1800's, this spawned a fashion for jewelry inspired by the items being discovered. Sometimes these jewels incorporated actual ancient items as in the case of this piece. This lovely stick pin holds an ancient faience scarab in a very simple gold setting. The simplicity of the setting allows the focus to be entirely on the lovely teal blue scarab. Faience is the oldest known form of glazed ceramic

Materials: Faience, Gold.

Measurements: Top, .77" x .45". The pin is 3" long.

Condition: Excellent Antique condition.

Era: circa 1860's

Layaway available,

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Category: egyptian revival, faience, gold, Scarab, sold

Type: Antique Stick Pin