Antique Japanese Lantern Shakudo Bracelet

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This bracelet in the shape of Japanese lanterns is a lovely example of 19th Century Shakudo.

Shakudo, a mixture of gold and copper, creates the blue-black color of the background of the lanterns. Applied to this is a thin layer of high carat gold,  highlighting the details. The lantern-shaped links are attached to each other using silver elements. The links alternate designs; some have cranes and flowers, while others have village scenes. Adding to the charm of the bracelet is an old repair on the back of one of the links, done so perfectly and so long ago it has become a part of it.

Shakudo was originally used as embellishment and decoration on Katana fittings. It became popular in jewelry in the mid-1800s with the Europeans desire for all things Japanese

Details.....The bracelet is 7.5" long. The lanterns measure 21.6mm long and 12.4mm wide. In Very Good wearable condition, with a very old repair and some wear to the gold details. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it part of the charm.

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