Big Pink A Tourmaline in Matte Gold

Gem Set Love

This deep pink 4.46 ct emerald cut Tourmaline has been sitting in my gem hoard for over 20 years. I've always loved the saturation of the color and the ethereal quality of the natural inclusions curling in the depths of this stone. When I was going thru my gems a few months ago, as I occasionally do for inspiration and joy, I saw what it wanted. I realized this stone is so rich in color and organically lovely that what it needed was a simple design to let it show its beauty. So Here she is, in a simple yet substantial brushed 14k gold setting hand worked to fit her unusual proportions perfectly. The inside of the setting has been polished so the bright gold acts as a reflective conduit and the outside is matte as a contrast to the gems glow. The shape of the setting mimics the shape of the stone and the bezel is a perfect barely there golden edge.

All of our jewels are made using recycled gems and metals in our studio above the shop. Made with love and care. Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-love.

Details.....Currently a size 7, this ring comes with 1 free sizing. The top measures 12.8mm x 8.5mm the band is 2mm. The setting is 7.7mm deep.


Layaway available, contact us for details.