Bloodstone Demeter Goddess Fob

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A Goddess of Grain, crowned in wheat and adorned with the blade of a sickle. Demeter brings to life all our dreams of abundance. Her profile is beautifully carved into a deeply green bloodstone punctuated with brilliant flecks of red. The stone has a beautiful translucence when held up to the light. A handmade twisted gold-filled frame complements the stone intaglio perfectly. Every other twist of the frame is decorated with a stamped poppy flower. One of Demeter's symbols, poppies grew wild among the wheat of Ancient Greece. A bale and ring make this piece easy to wear however you like; alone or layered, on a ribbon, or paired with one of our Ancient Influences married chains. Circa 1860.

Details.....The fob measures 1.19" by 1.17". In Good Antique Condition. Imperfections are to be expected in antique jewelry; it is considered part of its charm.

Item #N8173