Elaborate Enameled Cranberry Glass Patch Box

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An elaborate late 19th-Century patch box covered in colorful flowers. The larger hexagon-shaped box of cranberry Bohemian glass is beringed in green and white snowbell flowers. The lid bears a rose within a wreathe of forget-me-nots painted in violet and blue enamel. Bold gold embellishments accentuate all of the lovely flowers. The box is bottom-heavy with a domed lid. It is banded in brass with its original hinge and secure latch. This gorgeous patch box is large enough to store a wide variety of precious objects, the perfect jewelry casket for your boudoir. Circa 1890.

The patch box originated in the 18th Century during the reign of Louis XV. Used to store patches and bits of gummed black taffeta worn by fashionable people to emphasize the beauty of their skin or to cover blemishes, the term patch box has come to refer to many types of small, decorative boxes.

Details.....The box measures 3.51" in diameter and 2.71" tall. In Very Good Antique Condition, with signs of wear but no chipping. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels; we consider it part of their charm.

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