Breathtaking Green Tourmaline Cabochon Ring

Gem Set Love

The Rich Green Tourmaline cabochon in this ring is breathtaking. The simple 14k yellow gold setting allows the gem to be the focus of this jewel. The tourmaline displays all of the qualities of tourmaline with veils. Tourmaline is truly a special gem, and comes in a wide variety of colors. The Egyptians revered it and believed it obtained its myriad of colors from its journey up from the center of the earth during which it passed thru a rainbow. Circa 1950. Vintage Top and gem, new band from recycled gold.

Details.....Currently a size 6.75, this ring comes with a free sizing. The top measures .63" x .48" and the band is 2mm. In Very good condition, this cabochon has natural inclusions and the surface has character.


Layaway available, contact us for details.