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Fancy Double Links Swivel Hook Married Chain

Gem Set Love

Two versions of early fancy link chains come together in this necklace to create a handsome and practical jewel. The gold colors of the chains range from yellow to rose. The necklace hooks at the front with a ring and swivel hook ready for your bits and bobs and lockets and fobs. The ingredients of this piece are gold filled and date from c1900.

This line of jewelry is all about my two favourite things, the art of adornment and the art of re-purposing. I use pieces that are no longer viable in their original configurations by taking them apart and creating fresh, wearable pieces of jewelry.

Details.....The necklace measures 3.6mm wide and 23" long.

Small imperfections are to be expected and considered part of the design.

Layaway available,

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Type: Ancient Influences : Married Chains Collection