Georgian Emerald Paste Ring early 1800s

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A lovely example of late Georgian Paste jewelry. The center of the ring is set with a rectangular Emerald Paste gem surrounded by 21 clear paste omc stones. Each clear paste has a black dot at the center of the bottom to accentuate the culet. This was very fashionable in the Georgian era to make the paste stones seem more like diamonds. All of the pastes are foil backed as was the custom to make them more sparkly in candle light. The Shank on this ring has been replaced at some point in the early 20th century. The top of the ring is silver on 18k gold and the shank is 14k gold.

The term paste refers to lead crystal which was first developed in 1675. By the 18th century it was very popular both in England and in France.

Size: 6, can be sized up or down 1 size for no charge

Materials: Paste stones, 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, sterling silver

Date: 1800-1820

Condition: Very good considering its age, there is a small amount of wear thru on the back, and the pastes show light wear to the surface. As mentioned in the description the shank is a later replacement.

Measurements: 18.75mm x 14.5mm across the top, 7.5mm in depth at the top, 12mm at the shoulder fork, 2mm at the back of the shank.