Georgian Garnet Pansy Ring in 22k Gold

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The Pansy was a popular theme in jewelry in the early 19th century. It was often given as a token of affection, the pansy represented tender and pleasant thoughts. This lovely ring has a pansy of 5 faceted garnets which are foil backed with an oval rose cut diamond at its center. Backing gems with foil increased the depth of color and added a shimmering effect which is very pretty. The entire band is hand engraved with a beautifully detailed design.

Materials: 22k yellow gold, Garnets and a Rose Cut Diamond.

Measurements: 9.2mm wide at the top and 1.8mm at the back of the shank.

Size: currently a size 7.25, can be sized up or down a maximum of 1.5 sizes for no charge.

Condition: Very good Antique condition.

Era: Circa 1820