Georgian Price of Wales Hair Work Brooch in Gold

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These early 19th century brooches with curled locks of hair held in a bouquet like design are commonly referred to as Prince of Wales as they copy the design of 3 feathers gathered by a crown which is the Price of Wales symbol.

This one is particularly lovely with each lock of hair a different shade and the "crown" a row of 3 seed pearls. The work of art is all picked out in hair and natural pearls on a mother of pearl background and sealed under a heavy piece of natural rock crystal. The setting is gold and silver set with pearls in pinched collets. The gold bubble back is complete with its original extra long pin and chain with spiral safety stick pin. Dating from the late Georgian period.

Details.....The brooch measures  1.33" x 1.68", with the pin measuring 1.81" long, the length of the pin helps date a piece, the longer pins are earlier, as they are meant to be tucked several times thru hand woven fabric. In amazing condition for its age.

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