Glossy Mexican Greenstone In Gorgeous Silver Bracelet

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Four panels of gorgeous, glossy Mexican greenstone have been carved into grooved arcs and set in sterling silver frames. The greenstone is lustrous and mottled with rich and varied shades of green. The stones are held in their scalloped frames by spiky decorative prongs, and the frames are linked by silver rings. The bracelet wraps around the wrist and clasps to create a heavy cuff. The integrated clasp is secure and marked "Sterling Mexico". So much delicious drama in this unusual and early bracelet. Circa 1930-40.

Green stones (broadly called greenstone, or “chalchihuitl” in Nahuatl) have been esteemed across Mesoamerica for their luster and translucency. The color of the stones was associated with water and maize sprouts, linking greenstone to notions of fertility, abundance, and life-giving properties.

Details.....The bracelet has an approximate inside diameter of 7.5" and measures 1.15" wide. In Very Good Vintage Condition. You should expect some wear on all vintage and antique jewels; we consider it part of its charm

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