Vintage Gold Slide Bracelet with 14 Victorian slides

Gem Set Love

In the mid 20th century when long watch chains were out of fashion it became popular to collect the slides and have a bracelet made of them. This bracelet consists of 14 Victorian slides dating from the last 1/2 of the 1800's. 

The box style clasp is handcrafted of 18k yellow gold and the slides are on 14k yellow gold chain. Between each slide are 2 gold filled beads. Some of the slides are 14k and some are gold filled, set with an array of popular Victorian gems, each slide a miniature work of art. There are Opals, Pearls, Garnets, Rubies, Turquoise, Diamonds, set in floral motifs and simple shapes, running the design gamut of the late 19th century.

Materials: Turquoise, Pearls, Opals, Rubies, Garnets, Diamonds, 18k Yellow Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, Gold filled.

Date: Slides date to the Late 1800's.

Condition: Good with wear in keeping with the age of its parts.

Measurements: 6.75" long. The largest slide measures 8.8mm

Layaway available, contact us for details.