Hand Wrought Sterling Safety Pin by 720

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The Safety Pin. When I sold the pin right off of my shirt I decided it was time to make some for our line using recycled silver. These are hand crafted right in the shop by our in house Gold Smith, using my 1940's pin as inspiration. Each one is hand made by hand and may vary slightly.

50% of the proceeds of the sale of each of these safety pins will go to the following charities: Planned Parenthood, The Southern Poverty Law Center and UNHCR.

Created and designed by us right here in Portland Oregon, the pieces from our personal line combine the timeless aesthetic of Vintage Jewelry with a Modern sensibility. We use metal from a Green Certified Refinery. You can own a beautifully hand crafted piece of Jewelry and know it is created completely of recycled materials. 

The Materials: Recycled Sterling.

The Measurements: 1.60" x .30"