Handsome Signed Silver Cuff with Inlay

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A handsome silver cuff with colorful inlay and the artist's signature. The cuff is a flat band with ridged edges and gently tapered, curved terminals. Triangles of crushed turquoise and coral inlay embellish the front of the cuff. Engraved crescents and radiating lines extend around the band. Circa 1970.

The interior of the cuff is engraved with the name "D. Romero." The letter "D" is reversed and joined to the "R." This signature bears a strong resemblance to the mark of Danny Romero, a prominent Yaqui silversmith and lapidarist; however, Romero's mark typically included a large engraved sun and other small differences.

How can you tell if a cuff bracelet is your size? Measure the top of your wrist from side to side and compare with the inside measurement of the cuff. If this bracelet does not fit easily on your wrist it is not your size. Please do not bend or force the cuff, either the cuff or your wrist may be damaged. We will not return or exchange a bent or damaged cuff.

Details.....The cuff is .70" wide, it measures 2.18" across the interior and the opening is 1" wide. The interior circumference is approximately 6.25". In Very Good Vintage Condition. All vintage items will show some wear, it is considered part of their charm.

Item #JJ283