Late Georgian Pearl & Gem set Fichu Pin c1820

Gem Set Love

 This lovely little brooch is a lace pin, also known as a Fichu. These small brooches had the specific task of pinning closed the lace Fichu (a type of neck scarf). Fichus were fashionable from the early 18th century well into the 19th century.

Pretty in pink and white, this pin has a natural quartz stone in the center which has been backed with pink foil to give it a pale baby pink hue, the foils also had the added benefit of reflecting beautifully in candlelight. The central gem is surrounded by 2 rows of natural pearls, in 2 sizes adding depth to the design. The hand work on this is evident in the sawtooth detail at the edge of the base and between the pearl rows, you can even still make out the saw marks on the pin stem that show even this was handcrafted. This piece is all original and in very good condition for its age, it dates to the Early 1800s.

Usually quite decorative since they were so prominently displayed, these pins are always small, this one measures 22mm long and 19mm wide. The central gem measures 9mm x 5.5mm. The pin extends well beyond the body of the brooch and when poked back thru the fabric this extra length acts as a safety. There is an original engraving on the back it says "AMJ to TL" in lovely hand engraved script.

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