LUNA Moonstone and Diamond Pendant


A beautiful necklace with a glowing Moonstone in its original 11k Gold claw setting. The necklace has a bezel set vintage diamond, the moonstone and diamond are suspended from a braided gold ring which moves nicely on the 14k gold chain. The newly hand crafted gold is recycled.

I was Lucky enough to find a group of beautifully set moonstones of varying sizes from CIRCA 1900... so I designed a Jewelry collection with them as the focus and I call it LUNA. It is quite limited, with a total of only 15 pieces. Made in House in our Portland Oregon studio.

I love moonstones! They have an otherworldly quality to their glow and an Adularescence which is caused by light scattering between their microscopic layers.

Details.....The moonstone in its setting measures .25" wide and the pendant has a .78" drop from the chain. The diamond is .13ct. The chain is adjustable for versatility, and can be worn at 16 or 18 inches.

Item number q844.

Layaway available, contact us for details.