Mono Mini Brass Hair Pin from Favor

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Mono Mini brass hair pin from Favor. A minimalist hair pin crowned with a single dot, crafted in warm brass. This piece is lightly textured on the back of the pins to provide some grip. Perfect for tucking up smaller pieces of hair or adorning an updo, it is not heavy enough to support a lot of hair on its own. Favor uses solid jeweler's brass to create a product that will be durable and long lasting.

The Favor brand is composed of thoughtfully designed jewelry with simplicity and clean lines. Their beautiful pieces are designed to complement one another and are made to be worn and loved for years to come. Favor fabricates all of their jewelry by hand in their Portland, Oregon studio using small-scale metal smithing techniques. They recycle 100% of their scrap metal and use non-toxic chemicals.

Details.....The hair pin measures 2.75" by 0.43". In New Condition.

Item #ORP64, #ORP66