Pair of Cinnabar Bangles, One with Cloisonné Flowers

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A pair of gorgeous red cinnabar bangles, one accented with cloisonné enamel. The pairing is stunning. The cinnabar bangle is slim, carved with a meander pattern. The cloisonné and cinnabar bangle is wider, carved with a floral pattern, and enameled with delicate pink cherry blossoms. The cloisons, or compartments, are created with brass wire. Vibrant and romantic. Circa 1970.

Cinnabar is a toxic mercury sulfide mineral. Because of its bright red color, it has been used as a pigment and carved into jewelry and ornaments in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Is cinnabar dangerous to wear? Mercury is definitely toxic. However, mineral experts argue that the mercury contained in cinnabar is not very “bioavailable," meaning that it is hard for the mercury in cinnabar to be absorbed into the human body. If you choose to wear cinnabar jewelry it is recommended that you do not heat it, wash in it, or sleep in it. Or eat it, I guess.

Details.....The cinnabar bangle measures 2.85" in diameter, 4.7mm wide, with an 8.1" inner circumference. The enamel and cinnabar bangle measures 3.02" in diameter, 6.3mm wide, with an 8.5" inner circumference. In Very Good Vintage Condition. You should always expect some wear on vintage and antique jewels, we consider it part of the charm.

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