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Powerful Baltic Amber Graduated Bead Necklace

Gem Set Love

Gorgeous Baltic amber pieces alternate between egg yolk and honey-colored to give this vintage necklace a uniquely bold look. The natural amber beads vary in opacity and visual texture. Each bead has been shaped and polished to graduate in size. Strung on silk and finished with a silver hook and eye clasp. So magical, it looks like a work of art. Circa 1970.

Amber and Jet are traditional ornaments of rank in British Traditional Witchcraft. In Gardnerian Craft, the High Priestess is permitted to wear amber and jet jewels upon obtaining Third Degree. Amber is petrified tree resin. Its color is determined by the conditions in which the amber petrified, whether in cold, heat, underground or in water, as well as the tree the resin originated from. The inclusions are the result of pollen, insects and vegetable matter being trapped within the resin and petrified.

Details.....Necklace is 22.5" long. The largest bead measures 1.26" by 0.48". I Very Good Vintage condition. You should always expect some wear on your antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of their charm.

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