Rich Reddish-Brown Amber Barrel Beads

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Deep, rich reddish-brown natural amber bead necklace. The faceted amber barrel beads are strung on red silk and finished with a modern gold filled toggle clasp. The warm, organic glow of the amber is magical. Circa 1920.

Cultures from all over the world have associated amber with spirits of the natural world and The Sun. Amber is petrified tree resin. Its color is determined by the conditions in which the amber petrifies, whether in cold or heat, underground or in water. As well as the tree the resin originated from. The inclusions are the result of pollen, insects, and vegetable matter being trapped within the resin and petrified.

Details.....The necklace is 29" long. The beads graduate in size from 9.5mm by 6mm to 22.5mm by 17.2mm. You should always expect some wear on your antique and vintage jewels, we consider it part of their charm.

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