Rose Adorned Fob Seal with Carnelian Lion Rampant

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A tangle of Roses adorn the metal work of this fob seal. The carnelian seal is carved with a Lion Rampant, as a crest. The Lion was a popular image in Heraldry, used as a symbol for many things, including Bravery, Royalty, and Strength.

Many Fobs where made of base metal which then had a Heavy gold sheet applied to it and the details hand engraved.

I have a love for fobs and try to always have a nice selection. They make wonderful pendants and layering pieces.

Materials: Base metal sheeted with gold, Carnelian.

Measurements: 23.6mm tall. 15mm x 11.9mm across the bottom.

Era: Mid 1800's

Condition: Excellent for its age with some wear.